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The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is calling upon all traders of Rice, Maize and Sorghum to adhere to the Uganda Standards during the production processes, to improve the quality of the final products.

During UNBS sensitisation of Rice, Maize and Sorghum traders in the Mbale and Bulambuli, the Senior Surveillance Officer at UNBS, Mr. Gaston Kironde emphasised that if the standards are not adhered to, the Public (Consumers), Government and the business community are all negatively affected.

“Non-Compliance to standards leads to poor quality goods which affects the health of the public, government’s reputation due to poor quality exports and, Seizing of goods and business closures leading to losses among the business community.” Said Mr. Gaston Kironde.

Mr. Kironde further sensitised the traders about the requirements of the Rice, Sorghum and Maize standards and urged them to adhere to the Standards Requirements before UNBS intervenes with the enforcement arm.

The Standards can be accessed on the UNBS Website via  

The UNBS Principal Certification Officer, Mr. Ronald Ahimbisibwe, urged the stakeholders to seek UNBS certification of their products once Good Hygiene and Manufacturing practices are implemented as required by the standards. Traders can apply for UNBS certification by logging on to

The UNBS activities in Eastern Uganda were supported by the US Government, through USAID and Feed-the-Future under the IAM Project.

"We are here to work with UNBS to raise awareness about quality Standards and also have all participants commit to improving the quality of their products.” Said Ms. Kirsten Pfeiffer, the Deputy Chief of Party at Feed-the-Future, IAM Project.

The traders on the other hand were grateful to UNBS for having sensitised them about the standards before enforcement.

In addition to traders of Rice, Maize and Sorghum, the three-day sensitisation workshop brought together local authorities, Influencers and the media, in the Elgon sub region .

About UNBS

Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is a Government Agency responsible for the Developing, Promotion and Enforcement of National Standards in order to Protect the Health and Safety of the Public and the Environment against Harmful and Sub-Standard Products; as well as Promoting Fair Trade Practices and Competition.

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