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  23rd February , 2023 ,       Hits: 2011

The Bureau has received a number of complaints from Manufacturers, Distributors and other Members of the Business Community about people who are impersonating staff of Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) by conducting illegal and unauthorized inspection and enforcement activities at these facilities with the intention of extorting money from them. 

This is therefore to inform the Public that the Bureau’s inspection and enforcement activities are conducted by professional staff whose main objective is to ensure that Enterprises involved in the manufacture, distribution and sale of products covered by the Compulsory Uganda Standards comply with the requirements of such standards in terms of Safety, Quality and Performance of their products.

All payments for UNBS services are made through the Bank and therefore No Cash transactions are involved at any stage.

The Bureau’s inspection and enforcement activities are conducted through the Standard Operating Procedures which our staff must comply with as highlighted below;

  1. Staff must identify themselves by presenting Valid Official Identity Cards to the Clients.
  2. They must be putting on UNBS Corporate Wear at all times.
  3. They must travel in UNBS Official Branded Vehicles.
  4. They must be accompanied by designated Police Officers in Uniform.
  5. They must register their full names, designation and leave their Identity Cards at the Entrance of the Premises during their stay at the facility.
  6. They must leave behind an Inspection Report at the end of the inspection exercise indicating their findings and course of action required from the client.

Any person who does not comply with the above Standard Operating Procedures must be reported to the Bureau through our Toll Free Line 0800133133 and WhatsApp line 0713227580 or via email to

Manufacturers and the Business Community are therefore encouraged to report any cases of impersonation of UNBS Staff to the nearest Police Station and also take their photographs and videos to enable us pursue them against such illegal and criminal activities.  

About UNBS

Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is a Government Agency responsible for Development, Promotion and Enforcement of National Standards in order to Protect the Health and Safety of the Public and the Environment against Substandard and Harmful Products, as well as promote Fair Trade Practices.