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Uganda Mentors Tanzania on CODEX Work and Food Safety Standards

  23rd September , 2022 ,       Hits: 2208

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), which doubles as the CCAFRICA Coordinator, has concluded a Four-Day Twinning and Mentorship programme on Codex Activities between Uganda and Tanzania.

The objective of the twinning arrangement is to strengthen member states capacity and efficiency in engaging and management of Codex activities especially with regard to Chairing of Electronic working groups as well as hosting and co-hosting of Codex sessions on food safety standards.

During the session, the Coordinator for Codex Activities in Africa who is also the Head of the Food and Agriculture Standards at UNBS, Mr. Hakim Mufumbiro shared the wide experience in managing and engaging in Codex matters with the Officials from Tanzania Codex Office.

Key issues discussed and shared during the mentorship session include;

The three (3) Officials from Tanzania led by Mr. Lawrence Chenge (Codex Contact Point) were grateful for the mentorship received and pledged to implement the lessons back home in order to better their leadership capabilities and management of Codex activities.

 “The training will guide Tanzania on how to deal with food safety standards at the national and regional level. It will help us harmonise as the East African region which will reduce the tension and trade barriers within the region, allowing us to trade within ourselves as the East African Community and the rest of Africa.” Said Mrs. Patricia Bageine Ejalu, the UNBS Deputy Executive Director in charge of Standards.

Mrs. Patricia Bageine Ejalu made the remarks as she officially closed the four-day training at the UNBS head offices in Kampala.

The CODEX twinning and mentorship programme is supported through the Codex Trust Fund Group Project being implemented by five (5) participating Countries (Burundi, Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania & Uganda) whose broad aim is to build strong, solid and sustainable national capacity to engage in Codex work.

About UNBS

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards is a Government Body responsible for Developing, Promoting and Enforcing National Standards in order to Protection Public Health and Safety and the Environment against Harmful and Substandard Products.

Uganda, through UNBS is currently the Coordinator and Chair of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) / World Health Organization (WHO) Coordinating Committee for Africa (CCAFRICA).


CODEX Alimentarius Commission was established by the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 1963 and is charged with the developing of International Food Standards in order to promote the Quality and Safety of Food, with the aim of protecting Consumers’ Health and ensuring Fair Trade Practices in the Food Value Chains.  CODEX is currently comprised of 188 Member Countries and the European Union (EU). Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is the CODEX Contact Point in Uganda.


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