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The Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, Hon. Francis Mwebesa, has inaugurated a new ten-member board; The National Standards Council (NSC), that will provide oversight and policy guidance to the UNBS to ensure effective service delivery.

During the inauguration ceremony, Hon. Mwebesa urged the new board to prioritise improving quality of locally manufactured goods and imports, to protect the public and environment against dangerous substandard products. 

“Check the factories where goods are made to ensure that they comply with the standards before those goods make it to the market. Imports should be inspected at the country of origin before they come into the country. This will reduce the cost of doing business.” Said Hon. Mwebesa.

Hon. Mwebesa further pledged to support UNBS in increasing the staffing and funding levels, to combat the major challenges faced by UNBS in implementing its mandate.

The 9th National Standards Council Chairperson, Mr. Charles Musekura noted that the long turnaround time for product samples in the testing laboratories is another challenge that needs to be worked on, as this will facilitate the Parish Development Model program that is to be rolled out by the government soon.

The UNBS Executive Director who was also sworn in as the Secretary to the National Standards Council, welcomed the new board members and believes that the development will strengthen UNBS intervention in the market and industry, which will improve product quality and protection of the public against use of dangerous substandard products.

“We look forward to continue developing relevant standards to support businesses in production processes, innovations and certify their products against these standards to access export markets.” Said Mr. David Livingstone Ebiru.

The new UNBS board members include;


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Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is a Government Agency responsible for the Developing, Promotion and Enforcement of National Standards in order to protect the Health and Safety of the Public and the Environment against Harmful and Sub-Standard Products; as well as Promoting Fair Trade Practices and Competition.

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