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Response to Red Pepper Newspaper article

  2nd December , 2016 ,       Hits: 2210

Reference made to the Red Pepper Newspaper article dated 30th November 2016 titled, “UNBS Probed in Fake Water Saga”

UNBS wishes to inform the public as follows;

Following complaints from Members of Parliament (MPs) sitting on the Equal Opportunities committee about the quality of Blue Wave bottled mineral water, UNBS suspended production of Blue Wave water to verify the complaint raised.

The investigations covers drawing samples from the market and the factory to test for the quality of the water, establishing the root cause of the problem and receiving an undertaking by the investor for compliance. When this is completed a statement will be issued informing the public on the quality status of the product.

On the issue of suspension of surveillance field activities, UNBS is currently reviewing its surveillance procedures because the existing measures have not been able to meet the expectations of the institution of elimination of substandard products from the market.

The review is expected to take two weeks and will resume before Christmas this year. In the meantime UNBS will handle on case by case basis any complaints that will be received. The general public is encouraged to continue lodging complaints through our toll-free number 0800 133 133, Social media platforms or deliver the complaints to UNBS head office.




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2rd December 2016