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Technical Committees

UNBS has constituted the following Technical Committees undertaking development of Uganda standards in various sectors.

UNBS/TC 1-Basic and General Standards

UNBS/TC 2-Food and Agriculture Products

UNBS/TC 3-Building and Construction

UNBS/TC 4-Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgy 

UNBS/TC 5- Chemicals and Environment

UNBS/TC 6- Electrotechnology

UNBS/TC 7-Textiles and Textile Products

UNBS/TC 8-Transport and Communications

UNBS/TC 9-Metrology

UNBS/TC 10-Quality Management Systems

UNBS/TC/11-Consumer Products

UNBS/TC 12-Furniture

UNBS/TC 13-Energy Management

UNBS/TC 14-Medical Devices

UNBS/TC 15-Halaal

UNBS/TC 16-Petroleum Products and Facilities

UNB/TC 17 Applied Statistics

UNB/TC 18 Information and Communication Technology

UNB/TC 19  Packaging and Packaging Products

UNB/TC 20 Timber

   Call for stakeholders participation in Technical Committees - 2019  [1.6 MB]

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Call for stakeholders participation in Technical Committees - 2019  [ 1.6 MB ]
Request for stakeholder input and feedback in the development of a National Standardization Strategy  [ 1.2 MB ]