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Market surveillance is a set of activities carried out and measures taken by UNBS to ensure that products comply with the requirements set out in relevant standards and do not endanger public health, safety or any other aspect of public interest protection.

In Clause 2, Section (1) (f) of the UNBS Act, UNBS is mandated to enforce standards in protection of the public against harmful, dangerous and sub-standard products, while Clause 20 of the Act prohibits the manufacture, sale, distribution or holding for the purpose of selling any product that does not meet compulsory Uganda standards.

Despite efforts made by UNBS, sub-standard products have continued to represent a permanent threat to public health and safety. UNBS has continued to receive complaints from the public, business community and consumer organizations about sub-standard products. Some of these products are hazardous to the public and environment.

Pursuant to the above clauses, UNBS has put in place a market surveillance system to curb the proliferation of sub-standard products that can endanger public health and safety and the environment.

The purpose of the UNBS market surveillance system is to ensure that illegal and unsafe products are not allowed to be put and remain on the domestic market and fair market conditions prevail on the domestic market. Manufacturers, importers and suppliers who follow the rules and bear the administrative costs and delays related to compliance with standards should not be disadvantaged compared to those who do not comply with the requirements set out in relevant standards.

A toll free line 0800 133 133 is available to the public for anyone with information about sub-standard products to report in confidence to UNBS. UNBS calls upon the public to volunteer information on whoever is engaged in sale, distribution or manufacture of dangerous, sub-standard and expired products.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Daniel Arorwa
Manager, Market Surveillance
Tel: +256 417 333 250