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Core Values



The UNBS staff and management pledge to provide customer-oriented professional service in a timely manner. In our drive for service excellence, UNBS is guided by the following Core Values;

1. Professionalism - We are courteous, competent, committed, efficient, and dependable in our work. We take responsibility and are accountable for our actions. We are trustworthy.

2. Integrity - We are morally upright, incorruptible, and uphold a high ethical code of behavior. We are decent, honest and do our work with utmost transparency because we are accountable to our stakeholders. We have the inward strength to stick to our values regardless of circumstances.

3. Customer focus - Our customers are the reason we exist and so we ensure our clients are happy through timely service delivery, respecting their feelings and maintaining the right attitude towards them. When mistakes occur, we accept them and take responsibility by addressing the complaints and providing timely feedback.

4. Innovation - We are creative because we need to provide alternative solutions to problems by doing the same things differently and more effectively to maximum outputs using minimum inputs.  We do this to minimise wastage and control costs to cope with changes in the global and business environment. We are visionary that is why we think at all times so as to be ahead of others.

5. Teamwork - We believe in working as a team that is why we cooperate, share resources, and work and live in harmony and unity with others with utmost respect and consideration in our diversity. We have empathy for each other and we acknowledge the effects of others. Our strength lies on the strength of each of our individual members.