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Categories of goods covered under PVoC

  • Group I: Toys

These include all objects that are meant for children to play with. Dolls, wheeled toys, puzzles etc

  • Group II: Electrical and electronics including solar equipment

Category includes all sorts of  equipment relating to, producing or operated by electricity.

Examples under this category include All machinery, IT equipment (computers, printers, scanners, hard drives, processors, servers, mother boards, memory sticks, routers, storage media etc), home and kitchen appliances, music and sound systems, Audio and video apparatus, communication systems and gadgets, Lighting equipment, wiring equipment, batteries, connectors, switches, circuit breakers, electric motors, generators, transformers, drives,  electric hand tools, fuel dispensing appliances, TV sets and TV equipment, Salon equipment, amusement machines & personal service machines, All solar equipment etc

  • Group III: Automotive products and inputs

 All items/equipment relating to cars, other vehicles, and cycles.

It includes spare parts, vehicle batteries, tyres and inner tubes of tires, bicycles, parts relating to agricultural machinery, spark plugs etc

  • Group IV: Chemical products

 All substances that has been purified or prepared, especially artificially.

 Products in this group include all cosmetics, perfumes, water treatment chemicals, fertilisers, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, household chemicals such as soaps and detergents, gas lighters, matches, candles, petroleum products, oils, fuels, sanitary products, cigarettes, flasks, baby products, kitchen ware, adhesives, paints, chalk, wax and polishes etc

  • Group V: Mechanical materials and gas appliances

It includes all items used in engineering, mechanics, and/or construction. The group covers hardware materials, conduits and fittings, metal products, roofing materials, measuring devices, building stones, ceramic products, pipes, taps, steel, aluminium  and iron products, LPG cylinders, keys and locks, curtain railing and accessories, air compressors, products for architectural purposes etc

The gas appliances include heaters, cookers, gas cylinders, stoves, hurricane lanterns etc

  • Group VI: Textile, leather, plastic and rubber products

Group covers items made out of textiles, plastics, leather and rubber. such as mosquito nets, bed sheets, hair extensions, plastic furniture etc

  • Group VII: Furniture (wood and metal articles)

Group includes all school furniture, materials made out of wood, bamboo, and metal articles. Sheets, strips, panels for veneering, fibre boards, densified wood etc

  • Group VIII: Paper and stationery

Category includes paper products, writing paper, duplicating paper, bond paper, toilet paper, writing materials, slates and boards, stationery items etc

  • Group IX: Protective safety equipment

The group covers items worn for human safety and or otherwise used for protection. Examples are Gloves, motor vehicle seat belts, shoes, helmets, fire fighting equipment, blankets, electronic security equipment, fire alarm bells etc

  • Group X: Food and food products

This category covers all edible products either raw or processed, and articles used in preparing them.

  • Group XI: Used products including used motor vehicles

It covers used textiles, footwear, electrical and electronics, machinery, bicycles, motorcycles, furniture and motor vehicles.