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UNBS seizes used undergarments.

  24th April , 2017 ,       Hits: 2310

April 24, 2017, Kampala Uganda. UNBS has an obligation to protect public’s health and safety to ensure that consumers get quality products that match the value for their money. This is achieved through formulation and implementation of Standards for both locally manufactured and imported products for the Ugandan market.

On 19th April 2017, the UNBS Market Surveillance team together with the Police CID staff seized two bales of used undergarments including ladies’ panties and brassieres sold by Good Wish Industries Ltd along Kafumbe Mukasa Road, Kisenyi Parish, Kampala Central Division.

The UNBS team inspected two stores of the company following information received from an informant about the importation of prohibited under garments by the company. The company imports and distributes bales of used textiles from USA and distributes to the Ugandan market. It was found operational and selling bales of used undergarments at their sales outlet.

The two bales were found to be substandard contrary to Section 3.1 of the product standard US EAS 356:2004. The bales found in the company store at their sales outlet were seized and taken to UNBS offices for storage. The company management was asked to report to UNBS CID to make a statement with regards to the non-compliance of their products to the mandatory Uganda standard on used textiles.

Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is unveiling a host of stringent measures to lock out overused and poor quality imports and would like to caution the general public to avoid buying used undergarments because of the serious health implications to the user.