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UNBS urges maize flour dealers to adhere to quality standards

  23rd March , 2021 ,       Hits: 2064

The Uganda National Bureau of Standard (UNBS) is calling upon all maize flour dealers to adhere to the maize flour quality standards as well as seek UNBS certification before placing their products on the market.

During the ongoing sensitization stakeholder engagements held with maize millers under Operation Wealth Creation, Rubaga Grain Millers Association , Masanafu maize millers, and on site capacity building visits to all millers across the country, UNBS issued an ultimatum of six  months (January  – June 2021) to have all maize flour milling facilities certified by UNBS.

The UNBS use of the Distinctive Mark regulation 2018 requires all products under mandatory standards, of which maize flour is among, to be certified by UNBS before being placed on the market. Violation of this regulation attracts a fine not exceeding five hundred currency points (500) or imprisonment not exceeding five years or both.

Application for UNBS certification can be undertaken online at once the manufacturer has a valid email address, Tax Identification Number (TIN) by URA, Product labels/marking, Certificate of Business Registration by URSB, and the Production process Flow chart or production process description.

Alternatively, traders and millers can physically visit the UNBS offices with all the requirements and apply for certification.

Maize flour millers are advised to adhere to the following standards requirements to minimise contamination and ensure safe maize flour on the market;

The list of certified maize flour dealers is available on the UNBS website via

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