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UNBS Unveils the First round of Inter-Laboratory Comparison (ILC) Program to assess competence

  12th August , 2020 ,       Hits: 1494

Kampala, 12th August 2020 - The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is conducting the first round of the Inter-Laboratory Comparison program (ILC).

Participating in the Inter-Laboratory Comparison program is of great importance to laboratories because;

During this process, testing results of different participating laboratories are compared to ensure accuracy.

During a stakeholder engagement meeting with laboratory owners recently, the UNBS Deputy ED in charge of Standards, Ms. Patricia Bageine Ejalu revealed that the First round of the Inter-Laboratory Comparison program is FREE OF CHARGE.

UNBS thus, encourages potential organizations/laboratories to take part, by submitting a fully filled application form available on the UNBS website to by 14th August 2020.

For laboratories to qualify, their operations should be meeting the relevant national & international standards.

To consumers; ILC aids better, safe and quality products for consumption since product testing results are from credible laboratories.

The first round of ILC program will involve 9 matrices; Drinking Water, Non-Carbonated Soft Drinks, Coffee, UHT Milk, Cereal Flour, Cosmetics, Steel, Cement and Electrical cables; majorly focusing on key safety parameters that have an impact on health and safety of the consumers.

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