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UNBS develops Edible Insects standards

  19th September , 2019 ,       Hits: 2099

Kampala, 19th September 2019 – Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is calling upon the public to comment on the suitability of the Edible insects’ standard, DUS 2146:2019 Edible insects – Specification, for implementation.

Developing this standard was prompted by increased trade of edible insects and their products in Uganda.

The Draft Uganda Standard, DUS 2146:2019 Edible insects – Specification, specifies the requirements, sampling and test methods for edible insects which include grasshoppers, termites, Locusts, crickets and other edible insects.

The draft standard requires that the edible insect, whether, whole or granulated or powder or paste and either fried or dried shall;

The public is free to comment on the draft standard starting 12th September to 11th November 2019.

The draft can be accessed on the UNBS website using this link 👉   (at the bottom of the draft standards list), for review and the comments can be made using the comment form.

The request letter guides on how and where the comment form should be submitted.


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