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Imports Inspection & Clearance Scheme

Inspection is visual examination of products, services and installations. Simple instruments, tools and gauges are used during inspection. For example, bulk commodities like food grains, rice, spices, etc, normally undergo inspection and their acceptance is based both on the inspection report and other evidence of conformity such as a laboratory test report on the product samples drawn during inspection. The overall aim of inspection is to reduce risk to the buyer, user or consumer, of the item being purchased.

UNBS has put in place an Import Inspection and Clearance Scheme. The scheme is governed by the UNBS Imports Inspection and Clearance Regulations of 2003. The scheme requires all imported products whose standard specifications were declared compulsory to be inspected for conformity to the relevant standards before release onto the domestic market.  Inspection is done by inspectors from UNBS at the entry points.

Where necessary, UNBS draws samples of the product for laboratory testing. If the product does not meet the critical minimum requirements for health, safety and performance as set out in the relevant Uganda Standards, such product is prohibited entry on those grounds and seized for destruction or re-exportation at the importer’s expense.

This scheme was put in place for the purpose of achieving the following objectives:

    • Protecting the public against substandard products that can endanger public health, safety and the environment;
    • Prohibiting the entry into the country of sub-standard and counterfeit products;
    • Protecting local manufacturers against unfair competition from imported products which do not comply to national standards; and
    • Establishing a quality import inspection regime that is in harmony with that of member states of the East African Community.

Categories of products inspected


For more information, please contact:
Mr. Andrew Othieno
Manager, Imports Inspection Department
Tel: +256 414 505 995
Mobile: +256 793 149 487
Fax: +256 414 286 123
Email: andrew.othieno(at)
Download this file (GUIDELINES FOR CLEARANCE OF IMPORTS BY UNBS.pdf)Guidelines for clearance of imports[Guidelines for clearance of imports by UNBS]45 Kb
Download this file (procedure for requesting for return of samples.pdf)Procedure for Requesting for Return of Samples[Procedure for Requesting for Return of Samples]21 Kb
Download this file (UNBS Imports Inspection procedure FOR RELEASE OF IMPORTS UNDER SEAL AS PER 1st a)UNBS Imports Inspection Procedure for Release of IMports Under Seal[UNBS Imports Inspection Procedure for Release of IMports Under Seal]66 Kb

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