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There has been an upsurge of agitation against the PVoC on used motor vehicles. The Used Motorcar Importers Association raised the following concerns:

  1. High cost of PVOC;
  2. Few number of PVOC Service Providers making the service  less competitive;
  3. High surcharge of 15% on CIF value for uninspected vehicles; and
  4. The need to carry out inspection of used cars in Uganda.

The Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives observed their concerns and made the following resolutions:

  • All vehicles currently in the bond and the vehicles that will enter the country by 31st May 2014 shall be inspected by UNBS at an inspection fee of only USD 140.
  • Government has waived the 15% penalty on CIF value up to 31st May, 2014.
  • For those vehicles that fail the inspection test, the importer shall be given only 30 days to rectify the faults and, failure to do so, the vehicle will be destroyed at the cost of the importer.
  • Any bond found with radioactive vehicles shall be asked to dispose them outside Uganda and banned from doing business in Uganda.
  • From 1st June, 2014, Vehicles without Certificate of Conformity (COC) shall not be allowed to enter the Country.
  • All the relevant Government Agencies shall ensure that all vehicles without COC are stopped at the boarder points.

Government’s emphasis is to ensure adherence to quality and standards. That is why it re-introduced PVoC program in June, 2013 as one of measures to minimize the importation of substandard goods into the Country.

The UNBS Act states that “No person shall import, distribute, manufacture, sell or have in his possession or control for sale or distribution of any commodity for which a compulsory standard specification has been declared unless such commodity conforms to the compulsory standard specification”.

To fulfill the above requirement, UNBS has developed over two thousand standards for sensitive or high risk products. Compliance to these standards is mandatory. The UNBS Act was amended to strengthen the legal capacity of UNBS to enforce compliance to quality and standards.

After approval by Cabinet and Parliament, Government introduced the PVOC programme in June, 2013 as one of the measures to minimize the importation of substandard products into the Country.  PVoC is a conformity assessment programme, implemented globally based on Article 5 of WTO-TBT Agreement. All EAC partner states have embraced it. Used Motor vehicles were clearly

Government, through the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, has noted that substandard vehicles in particular, whether in the Bonded warehouses or on our roads, are a death trap. This is because they cause accidents, and they are sometimes contaminated with radiations which increase the rate of cancer in this Country.

The Ministry is, therefore, committed to continue supporting the growth of your business and the Ugandan economy, taking into account the health and safety of the consumers.

Amelia Kyambadde (MP)

Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives

7th April, 2014




Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is a statutory body under the Ministry of Trade Industry and Cooperatives responsible for the development and application of standards in trade, industry and consumer protection. This therefore is to inform the public that the selling of petroleum products that has been going on, in many parts of the country outside Gazetted areas (Fuel retail outlets) is unlawful.

Petroleum products that include, Petrol, Diesel, Motor Oils and Lubricants sold at the road side, shop verandahs, market places and domestic houses while usingsoda, beer, mineral water bottles and other plastic containers, contravene section 14 and 15 of the Weights and Measures Act Cap 103. These measures are not regulated by law hence not fit for trade use.

Besides selling products in measures that are not fit for trade use, the quality is not guaranteed as the institution cannot carry out effective Quality monitoring programs on the products sold in such manner. More so, some of these products like petrol are highly inflammable that improper handling, storage and administration could result to loss of lives and property. 

UNBS therefore directs all those practicing this illegal trade to stop forthwith. Police, Security agencies and Local leaders are urged to enforce this directive.

For more information contact, Uganda National Bureau of Standards, Plot M217 Nakawa Industrial Area, P.O Box 6329, KAMPALA. Website: http://www. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Phone; 0414222369, Fax: +256-414-286123 or Toll free 0800133133






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